Great products for places where people gather. “Van-esch” helps take care of your belongings, bags, documents, or waste – everything has its designated place. Orderliness brings peace, creates a sense of freedom, and fosters better working and living spaces.

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Tree Hooked - Van-esch - Drēbju pakaramie

Tree Hooked

€96 VAT included
Krok Box - Van-esch - Drēbju pakaramie

Krok Box

€230 VAT included
Tertio Paladino+ - Van-esch - Drēbju pakaramie

Tertio Paladino+

€249 VAT included
Slide G - Van-esch - Drēbju pakaramie

Slide G

From €267 VAT included
Krok - Van-esch - Bez kategorijas

Krok G

From €282 VAT included
Frame DV - Van-esch - Drēbju pakaramie

Frame DV

From €435 VAT included
Chase G - Van-esch - Bez kategorijas

Chase G

€766 VAT included
Ditch - Atkritumu konteineri


From €1219 VAT included