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15% off “Cane-line” outdoor furniture

“Cane-Line” outdoor furniture for variable Latvia summers!

Beautiful. Comfortable. Functional. Waterproof.

  • Get 15% off on all “Cane-line” outdoor furniture and accessories from 12th of April till 9th of May.
  • Order delivery terms: at the moment Cane-line is maintaining the same level of service and production as usual and warehouse is open. Order handling and shipping will take 5-7 weeks!

☑️ Insight “Cane-Line” outdoor furniture

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The luxurious collection of outdoor furniture and accessories offered by Danish design company “Cane-Line” is particularly suitable for summers in Nothern Europe. Organic forms and innovative ways of using materials show a playful palette of natural and modern colours, durable textiles and high-quality materials in a great mix with mission to make life comfortable and add value to the life and places where you unwind and relax. You can easily mix and match different designs together enhancing exterior areas with a timeless and contemporary atmosphere. The all weather furniture offer maximum comfort and minimal maintenance thanks to innovative technologies.

Functional benefits of furniture:

  • All-weather designs.
  • No risk of mould building inside the cushions due to the constant air circulation.
  • High quality fabrics are durable, UV resistant and easy to maintain.
  • “Cane-line Soft Rope” material made of hand woven polypropylene (PP). The material has a soft surface, it is ideal for outdoor use as it is UV-resistant and dries quickly.
  • The unique cushion composition containing “QuickDryFoam®”* secures a quick draining of the water and air flow for humidity.
  • Sturdy frame.

Other furniture benefits:

  • Elegant design and wise functionality.
  • Wide furniture range and extended range of beautiful accessories as the finishing touch to a design furniture setting.
  • All designs in “Cane-Line Weave®” are handmade.


Cane-line QuickDry & Airflow system offers cushions with special patented material “QuickDryFoam”. The unique cushion composition ensures a quick drainage after heavy rain and an effective air circulation in humid weather conditions. Outer fabric leave no stains and is easy to clean. The benefit is dry cushions approximately two hours after heavy rain and no risk of mould building inside the cushions due to the constant air circulation.

“Cane-Line” outdoor furniture collection 2021:

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Natural light is dynamic – the position of the sun changes depending on the course of the day and year. More daylight also means more sun protection. Because especially when the sun is low in the sky, it is important to avoid glare at the workplace. This can be caused by poorly shielded light sources that are too bright or by disturbing reflections on shiny surfaces. It is also important to protect rooms from overheating.

The products of the Glare & Heat collection provide ideal light and energy transmission without glare. At the same time, the highly functional fabrics reduce heat radiation and contribute to an improved indoor climate and thus to well-being at the workplace.


In a highly technical procedure, aluminum applied onto the fabric’s back. They thus reflect incident sunlight and create a pleasantly dimmed light with an uninterrupted visual connection to the outside.

Physical properties such as transmission, reflection, and absorption determine whether a fabric is suitable for glare and heat protection. Création Baumann has these factors determined by official testing institutes.


A highlight is the double-sided FACE curtain, an innovation with a complex structure. This is because the double-sided textile – a leno weave – combines a shiny white, reflective outer side with a dark printed inner side. In this way, FACE create a lot of reflection and a high transmission without any metallization at all.


All textiles in the GLARE & HEAT collection are flame-retardant and certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for product safety and freedom from harmful substances. Light and solar values were tested according to DIN EN.
Light and solar values as well as flame test results can be downloaded directly from the product. To the collection

Further information on our sustainability strategy, as well as the associated certificates, can be found here.

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Absolute comfort exists*

It is the result of 60 years of passion, innovation, and Italian design.
And a production process that is entirely Made in Natuzzi: from initial design to final assembly, every stage takes place exclusively in factories owned by the group.
Absolute comfort means sustainability, respect for the environment, and clear, transparent guarantees.
It is a concept that evolves over time, adapting to your changing desires, spaces and lifestyles. It is the certainty of continuous innovation, resulting in cutting-edge features and functions designed to offer you a unique level of relaxation while you rest, work, read, sleep and watch TV.
Absolute comfort is a Natuzzi Editions sofa.
You can find it in a wide range of models.
You can customise it by choosing your ideal configurations, functions, coverings and colours.
You can make it your own in every detail, transforming every moment into a truly unique and special experience

*Come and experience absolute comfort and the most comfortable Natuzzi Editions sofas in our showroom Kate.

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The role of acoustic fabrics and solutions in public spaces

As co-working and open-plan spaces become more common in office environments, both architects and interior designers also need to pay more attention to acoustic solutions. Many of us spend most of the day in the offices, so we strive to create a workspace that not only functionally supports the work process, but also creates well-being and inspires.

One of the ways to dispel the negative effects of sound in modern and spacious rooms, while allowing the room to be transformed if necessary, is different types of acoustic curtain fabrics. The innovative Swiss fabric manufacturer “Création Baumann” has created several collections of acoustic curtain fabrics for business environments and public spaces, where both a feeling of coziness and hospitality as well as excellent technical solutions are important.

The collection includes both transparent and darkening acoustic curtain fabrics. Transparent fabrics will be especially suitable for window decorations, maximizing the natural light of the room and with the aim of reducing noise in specific areas. In turn, opaque fabrics will be perfect for separating rooms and also for decorating windows with the aim of darkening the rooms at the same time. “Création Baumann” offers more than 90 acoustic fabrics in 2,000 different shades.

Oasis of silence

With the “Acoustic Divider Vario” curtain system, you can create oases of silence in larger rooms or separate larger meeting rooms from workplaces. This curtain system dampens up to 16 decibels of sound, as it consists of an acoustic fabric tailored to the needs of each customer, consisting of two layers with special layers of sound-absorbing, foil-covered, non-flammable material embedded between them. Acoustic curtains are installed on a metal curtain rod, which is attached to the ceiling.

The “Acoustic Divider Vario” collection includes five refined and highly functional fabrics that are excellent for sound insulation. In total, the collection offers almost unlimited design variations in textures and finishes, in more than 150 shades.

Apparent opposites

Curtain transparency and sound absorption are no longer incompatible properties today. The “Sinfonia” classic fabric collection, which has been current for more than 40 years, the manufacturer has supplemented with “Sinfoniacoustic” acoustic fabric, which weaves sound-absorbing foil thread, thus offering a proven design combined with new functionality. This acoustic curtain fabric is available in 64 colors, it has a natural look that resembles cotton, but it is relatively easier to care for. The fabrics in this collection are suitable for both public and private spaces.

“Sigmacoustic”, created with a special production technology, is the most effective sound-absorbing transparent fabric. It is an excellent solution for rooms where both a hospitable, cozy atmosphere and good acoustics are especially important. Draped fabrics from the “Sigmacoustic” collection absorb up to 75% of sound and also have flame retardant properties. In turn, the different coloring of the fabric on the right and left side allows them to be used for visual separation of the room. The embossed thread used in the fabric gives it volume and vitality. The light palette and the depth of the soft earth tones create a feeling of comfort and naturalness.

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