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Will it be more quiet next year?

December 7, 2021

End of the year is a time to reflect about the previous twelve months to see how we dealt with all the challenges. It is also a time to look into the future and what the next year might bring us.  
Let’s just put it this way – this was a very interesting year here in KATE. We have been forced to adjust regulations, rules, lock-downs etc. But you already know that, we have all been there. Today we are happy that we were able to help you set up new furniture at your homes and offices despite all the circumstances. Cupertino and Altius BAU tables were a huge hit this year. And life hasn’t stopped in the offices either. Demands for our multimedia systems has grown significantly which means that offices already are working in a new regime actively organizing video conferences and other online meetings. Customers evaluated functionality of our conference tables and their endless possibilities to provide organized work space. More and more offices are keen on setting up our silent pods which we upgraded for all the necessities – now it is not only a place for phone calls and short meetings, it is also a perfect spot for video conferences without background noises. We did set up 78 silent pods this year, which means that 2022 will be a more quiet year but not at all in the negative sense. If you also are planning to invest into your office upgrades, silent pods and TV systems will be a great addition to your office evaluated not only by your employees but also cooperation partners on the other side of the conference. You are welcome to visit us in our showroom “Kate” – Riga, Čiekurkalna 1. līnija 6. We are currently working in “green mode” Please contact us, if you have any questions –  +37167546727