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Silent pod O-telpa brings world peace to the office.

February 13, 2020

O-telpa brings world peace to the office.

Contemporary office must-have.

O-telpa is a silent pod made by Kate – personal oasis of calm, shelter where to feel tuned out from the daily office noise.

Together with changing work environment trends more attention is paid not only on well-being of employees but also on their productivity. During work session every employee looks for some quiet and more private place for important one-on-one call, meeting or completion of urgent task without distractions from colleagues side and office noise.

One room – various functions.

The silent pod is a wisely designed privacy solution that blands well in any office environment- open plan office, coworking space or traditional layout office. O-telpa is multifunctional peace of furniture giving a private space for phone calls, small meetings or head down work when needed.

Silence for productivity.

The double wall construction of O-telpa in combination with glass and layer of soundproofing panels block outside noise up to 35 decibels while absorbing the sound from within, removing all distractions. So it gives you space to think out loud and focus on what’s essential.

Made for employee well-being.

Glass walls give the sence of spaciousness and transaprency of the space. Built-in ventilation system provides fresh air and keeps you cool even during heated conversations while LED light can be dimmed adjusting to the changing needs of the user.

Creative freedom of design.

We have kept the oportunity for the customer to choose design, interior layout and technical equipment of the pod meeting individual needs. Cosy sofas, chairs, high stools, wall fixed benches are in our offer. Interior can be created using any material from Kate range.

There are 4 types of O-telpa pods available:

  • Single person pod (1100 x 1200 mm)
  • 2 person pod (1200 x 2400 mm)
  • 4 person pod (1400 x 2400 mm)
  • 6 person pod (2000 x 2400 mm)

2, 4 and 6 person pod is more suitable for meetings and there is an option to complement it with multimedia equipment and presentation screens.

Easy to install and use.

To install the silent pod all you need is power supply and some free space. It is a practical and pricewise solution if special private work zones have not been considered in the original office lay out or it is not enough with the ones you already have. O-telpa offers an easy way to do a quick remodel of office without knocking down walls and saving time and financial resources.

There are various ways to control the lighting and ventilation in the booth- with the help of remolt control, with built-in switches, centrally and remotaly from specific location in the office or during booth maintanence session. Built-in smart motion sensor available as well- it activates electricity, ventilation, and LED lights helping you stay energy efficient (will work only if room is occupied by someone).

Additional information (prices, materials, etc.) and pictures can be found here: O-Telpa