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The National Library of Latvia- acoustic systems of Ziedonis Hall

October 16, 2018

“Kate” is very proud about the created acoustic systems of Ziedonis Hall in the National Library of Latvia (NLL). This project was accomplished in year 2014.

One of the most important aspects of Ziedonis Hall is its excellent multi-functional and adjustable acoustics suitable for different types of events such as concerts, conferences, ceremonies, presentations, various types of performances and other events. A special attention had been paid to possible acoustics solutions already in the stage of projecting the NLL building making sure that acoustic function can perform perfectly. Acoustics was one of the focus points also for Gunnar Birkerts, the architect of Castle of Light”. The project of acoustics solution as well as recommendations were delivered by Danish company  “Gade & Mortensen ● Akustik A/S”.

To meet the acoustic project requirements and chosen mechanics a highly functional textile “Velos II” from “Creation Baumann” collection was selected. This textile was also used for acoustic curtains of the hall stage. Specially for this project a customized acoustic roller system was made in collaboration with Kate partner from Finland which features an option to roll double layered textile aimed to maximize the volume of acoustic textile. The system was built in behind the decorative wall and ceiling panels. Every element of the roller system has a separate control unit allowing to adjust the sound volume to be absorbed. The main part of the built-in acoustic systems is hardly visible but every single guest or visitor of NLL Ziedonis Hall can experience and evaluate the qualitative acoustic equipment in the hall.

Architecture project authors: architect Gunnar Birkerts in cooperation with Architect bureau “Gelzis- Smits- Arhetips” (Latvia); architect Marcis Mezulis

Acoustic project: “Gade & Mortensen ● Akustik A/S” ( Danmark)

Accomplishment: SIA “Kate” (Latvia)