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Hanzas Perons

August 13, 2019

It is a real pleasure to see every single space reborn in a new quality. Hanzas perons is one of such. A former Riga cargo railway warehouse in the New Hanza area has been reborn as a concert hall – a platform for culture, art, music and other events. “Kate” was honored to be a part of this project by providing functional curtain design with multiple tasks including light and sound control.

The interior of the building has been retained to fully showcase the warehouse legacy with restored 100-year-old bricks, historical wooden beams and the original wooden doors, which once served as the gateway to the cargo station. The given characteristics of this long space were the main focus point in finding the finest textile that responds to the specific requests as well as in customization and installation process. There are 400m of dimming textile used to make this special curtain solution.

KATE project team:  Kristīne Vēja and Agita Grumsle
Brands used in the project: Saum& Viebahn, Forest

Project implemented in collaboration with architects of “Pillar”.