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Unicredit silent pods

Step in, shut the door behind you and enjoy the peace and silence…

It’s just so simple regardless the reason silence is looked for – concentrating thoughts, one-on-one phone call or meeting with collegues and bussiness partners. Not in vain “O-telpa” spaces become the most requested square meters in the offices of our clients.

ALD automotive

“ALD automotive” office is now equipped with O-telpa. It works as a perfect shelter from daily office noise which is even increased due to glass planes all around the office. Are you longing for peace? Step in, shut the door behind you and enjoy working in silence.

Anti aging institute

Comment of interior designer Madara Lure:

“Elegant simplicity and environmental harmony.
The interior has been created in the building of the end of the 19th century renewed as a modern diagnostics, medical treatment and wellness center with accent to preventive medicine, anti-ageing concept, visual and internal harmony of the individual.

The function and the image of the center is clearly reflected by implemented interior solution, color tones, chosen furniture and accessories.
Environment is fulfilled with calm, harmonious and neat details where person starts to play the main role stepping in. Muted lights, mirrors, glass planes, skylights break the borders and dimensions of the premises giving more open space feeling but in the same time demarcate zones where more privacy needed. Some decoration motives arouse reference to the history of the building and the chosen decor materials, furniture and details convincingly create contemporary environment appropriate to function.”

Kate project manager: Ilze Magone

Project implemented in close collaboration with ARTEMI interior designer Madara Lure

“Kate” stand in exhibition “Design Isle 2019”

From October 18th to 20th “Kate” took part in exhibition “Design Isle 2019” at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre.
Our welcomed visitors could get acquainted with novelties in Kate office and home furniture range as well as explore the acoustic curtain solution at place.

Living room set up in Langstini

Its is clear- to create a beautiful, high quality interior requires quite huge investment. A perfect desired result can be reached by choosing different approaches. It can be either a huge one time investment or a longer term split investment allowing to create the interior step by step. This particular living room is a good example, how to gain a desired result buying item by item. It is like putting the nice design “puzzle” peaces together.

Shopping mall ALFA

To meet the growing demand, Alfa shopping mall underwent an extension involving the construction of a three-storey retail building and a multi-storey car park in 2019. “Kate” team also took part in this major upgrade providing furniture set up for 3 lounge zones and a special relaxing room for families with children.

Funcional executive office

This interior space is designed with contemporary aesthetics evoking convincing atmosphere. Laconic and functional furniture reflects the personality of the company in addition to an ideal working space needed.  

Hanzas Perons

It is a real pleasure to see every single space reborn in a new quality. Hanzas perons is one of such. A former Riga cargo railway warehouse in the New Hanza area has been reborn as a concert hall – a platform for culture, art, music and other events. “Kate” was honored to be a part of this project by providing functional curtain design with multiple tasks including light and sound control.

Ottensten Latvia

Modern, functional yet homy design decisions that respond to the needs of nowadays and the company and material choices that support these decisions have been culminated in the office created for Ottensten Latvia.