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March 14, 2021


Natural light is dynamic – the position of the sun changes depending on the course of the day and year. More daylight also means more sun protection. Because especially when the sun is low in the sky, it is important to avoid glare at the workplace. This can be caused by poorly shielded light sources that are too bright or by disturbing reflections on shiny surfaces. It is also important to protect rooms from overheating.

The products of the Glare & Heat collection provide ideal light and energy transmission without glare. At the same time, the highly functional fabrics reduce heat radiation and contribute to an improved indoor climate and thus to well-being at the workplace.


In a highly technical procedure, aluminum applied onto the fabric’s back. They thus reflect incident sunlight and create a pleasantly dimmed light with an uninterrupted visual connection to the outside.

Physical properties such as transmission, reflection, and absorption determine whether a fabric is suitable for glare and heat protection. Création Baumann has these factors determined by official testing institutes.


A highlight is the double-sided FACE curtain, an innovation with a complex structure. This is because the double-sided textile – a leno weave – combines a shiny white, reflective outer side with a dark printed inner side. In this way, FACE create a lot of reflection and a high transmission without any metallization at all.


All textiles in the GLARE & HEAT collection are flame-retardant and certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for product safety and freedom from harmful substances. Light and solar values were tested according to DIN EN.
Light and solar values as well as flame test results can be downloaded directly from the product. To the collection

Further information on our sustainability strategy, as well as the associated certificates, can be found here.

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