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“Viss visapkart tirs” Ltd

December 6, 2017

Our client “Viss visapkart tirs” Ltd (abbreviation VVT) is a supplier of professional hygienic products, space cleaning products and accessories to other businesses. For company representing cleanliness it is a must to leave a good impression and express the mission of a company also through its office design in the eyes of its customers.

Kate helped VVT to create a clean look working environment in the conference room of their office by choosing TV and multimedia system as a central object.  It successfully hides away all the cables and electrical appliances connected to the screen, which often makes a messy look all around.  TV system allows to run the presentations effectively without special efforts.

The room is refreshed with comfortable “Replay” visitors chairs in bright colors while the rectangular meeting table based on central feet gives more sitting space for visitors.

Project design: KATE team
Furniture designer – Jānis Mežulis