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Living room set up in Langstini

September 30, 2019

Its is clear- to create a beautiful, high quality interior requires quite huge investment. A perfect desired result can be reached by choosing different approaches. It can be either a huge one time investment or a longer term split investment allowing to create the interior step by step. This particular living room is a good example, how to gain a desired result buying item by item. It is like putting the nice design “puzzle” peaces together.

Here the story began with an ordered set of dining table and chairs. After a while the interior was supplemented with a new sofa and living chair. Wisely chosen window treatment rounded off an overall concept of the space bringing in a sense of coziness. The set up of the living room was accomplished with the chosen shelf system. This interior is being in use for more than a year now. Every ordered item can be still found in the originally intended location and serves perfectly for both- owners of this place and their two lovely pets.

Project design: KATE team

Furniture designers: Ginta Ceple-Vītola un Zinta Vēja

Window treatment, textile designer: Kristīne Vēja
Brands used in the project: BoConcept, Sangiacomo, Softline, Saum & Viebahn, Interstil, Creation Baumann