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October 16, 2018

Kate was given a chance to design  aesthetic and comfortable office layout as well as functional yet neat window treatment for company “Latgran”. The office is located on the top floor of the building and has big windows that permit lots of all-natural light to be made use of throughout the day. But in the same time it is a matter of using and controlling day light to best possible advantage and protecting office interior against over-heating and contributing and boosting the ambiance and comfort in a space. 

Real virtuosos- the semi-transparent curtain fabric “Shadow” and dense surfaced curtain fabric “Protect” from Creation Baumann collection were chosen to meet the given task providing simultaneously privacy, glare, heat and UV-protection at the office windows.

These two curtain fabrics were combined into panel curtain system and became the comprehensive problem solver for optimal sun, glare and privacy  protection.

Project Design: KATE team
Window treatment, textile designer – Kristīne Vēja

Furniture designer – Ance Snipke