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Anti aging institute

November 20, 2019

Comment of interior designer Madara Lure:

“Elegant simplicity and environmental harmony.
The interior has been created in the building of the end of the 19th century renewed as a modern diagnostics, medical treatment and wellness center with accent to preventive medicine, anti-ageing concept, visual and internal harmony of the individual.

The function and the image of the center is clearly reflected by implemented interior solution, color tones, chosen furniture and accessories.
Environment is fulfilled with calm, harmonious and neat details where person starts to play the main role stepping in. Muted lights, mirrors, glass planes, skylights break the borders and dimensions of the premises giving more open space feeling but in the same time demarcate zones where more privacy needed. Some decoration motives arouse reference to the history of the building and the chosen decor materials, furniture and details convincingly create contemporary environment appropriate to function.”

Kate project manager: Ilze Magone

Project implemented in close collaboration with ARTEMI interior designer Madara Lure