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Activity based office “Tieto”

September 4, 2017

Being completely at work means be surrounded by a supporting environment, have the right tools at your fingertips and be in touch with the network of people you need to collaborate with not forgetting also about some moment of silence and peace when focusing on individual task requires it. That’s the core of new activity based workspace “Tieto”.

An unassigned desk policy was implemented in this project and KATE used this as an opportunity. Taking activity as the most important driver of the design, varied zones across the staff areas were created, promoting flexible work styles and productivity. Staff can choose to work at a desk within their “neighborhood”, or take their laptop and move to a huddle room, open team area or private phone booth depending on specific of the running task or current mood. As a result of this, KATE significantly increased the capacity on the floor, which allowed almost each square meter to be used as opportunities for both teamwork and individual focus work, thanks to chosen functional furniture.

The office is mostly dressed in height adjustable tables from series “Altius Pro” complemented with acoustic desk screens and task chairs “NETS”. The open team area is equipped with tables and chairs on wheels and as additional feature of “Slim” tables their tops are fold-able gaining flexible set up solution effecting better collaboration completing common tasks.

To create optimal acoustic performance, a special multifuncional interior element “Mākonis” (Cloud), a hanging sound-absorbing panel has been carefully placed to cut back unnecessary noise where needed. Its additional feature is accommodated lighting element around its perimeter. It is worth for mentioning also TV/multimedia system which in combination with conference table turns to be a central element of each meeting room. It successfully hides away all the cables and electrical appliances connected to the screen thanks to the well considered construction. It is an effective tool to help foster better meetings and collaborations for everyone in the office.

Summing up our client’s high ambition on functionality and the well-being of its employees has resulted in creating an environment for ‘growth’.

Interior design project: KATE

Designer: Jānis Mežulis