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Terrace of cafe “KasDārzā”

June 27, 2019

With an emphasis on creating a cohesive and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no surprise that many cafés and restaurants seriously deliver in the interior design professionals to achieve this. Kate has been a part of a new set up for a central patio of cafe “KasDārzā” located in the very heart of Riga city.

A distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic infuses this spot as trendy ELBA outdoor chairs from Danish brand BoConcept are chosen to dot the space without overhelming it. The look is simple and light thanks to wicker- material chairs are made of. Functionality is kept as they are stackable. The playful expression is gained by complementing Elba chairs with bright fabric seat cushions.

Now guests of this cozy cafe can enjoy some drink or meal in real comfort.

Interior designer: Baiba Rubīne