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Would you like to find out more?

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    Kate’s consultant’s offsite consultation

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      How will the process proceed?

      1) Everything starts with a conversation

      The consultant will go to your office; examine and measure the specific premises; listen to your needs and ideas; get to know the specifics and values of the work of your company

      2) Furniture layout for your office space

      After the first meeting, the consultant will gather the information obtained and develop an appropriate offer with suggestions on the best ways to achieve the desired result. In one case, it can develop into a new office space furniture layout, in another case, these will be recommendations on which color and type of chair is the most suitable for the height-adjustable workstation desk or which table is better for a small conference room, or what type of acoustic solution would be suitable for an open-plan workplace.

      3) A happy outcome

      After discussing the first offers, the consultant will develop a final version that you will be excited about! Regardless of whether one piece of furniture will be found to complement the existing interior or a furniture layout will have to be developed for a completely empty space, our attitude and outcome is the same in all cases. The aim – to help you set up your office space in a way that makes you feel good and comfortable.

      Why is it a great opportunity?

      Furniture consultant services can be used in different life situations – if you want to add one piece of furniture to your office interior; or if you want to thoroughly change the whole space or furnish a whole new office building.

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